About SevenSkies Studio

SEVENSKIES STUDIO is a complete Marketing and  3D Designing Studio based in India , but working all across the globe.
SEVENSKIES STUDIO provide exemplary 3D designing and Digital Marketing services in the field of Advertising, Media Production, Website Development, Architecture,Film Making, Gaming, NFT and Visul Effects (VFX).
We aim to be a force to reckon with on the global platform and showcase work that acts as a true catalyst in the success of our clients and us.

How SevenSkies Studio Work ?

At Sevenskies Studio, we follow a simple process of 3 steps- Analyse, Create, Develop. During Analysis we get a good understanding of expectations of our Clients, Study the market trends and competitors. Which helps us in understanding what to achieve at the end before beginning. Based on that analysis we start to ideate and brainstorm small ideas which eventually are converted to complete concepts. In the development phase we take the concepts and bring them to life in the world of 3D and Marketing.

Three things that are given utmost priority in SevenSkies Studio are :




What SevenSkies Studio Do?

Digital Marketing

SEVENSKIES STUDIO aim to provide customized strategies for any startup or company and help them make their own identity in the industry. WE are one of the leading experts in digital marketing.

3D Designing & Rendering

SEVENSKIES STUDIO is specialized in 3D visualisations, animations and everything that has to do with CGI or ‘ Computer Generated Imagery ‘. This ranges from photorealistic product presentations to architectural walkthrough animations, from animated logos to 3D animations for television advertising, etc.

Web Development

SEVENSKIES STUDIO  is well-versed in custom web development and app development. We helps clients develop compelling marketplace through exceptional websites and  mobile applications..

Visual Effects (VFX)

SEVENSKIES STUDIOis a design studio that specializes in the art of storytelling through motion graphics, visual effects, and animation.


 We provide complete guide from creating to marketing of NFT projects. We can create your own NFTs from your ideas and bring it to life in 2D or 3D images, gif or video, with a deep story in it. we just don’t create NFTs but we also create it’s hype.

Our Clients

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much